Shaking Up The Word Wars

A very rough draft post follows:

A shakeup is in the works for The Word Wars. I’ve been in my bubble of me me me, my depression, my anxiety, and my procrastinating ways. Something (or someone) has made me wake up and see what is going on away from my bubble, and I am working on the rough drafts of my response.

The problems our nation faces are not going to go away just by wishing it. Things are starting to affect people I know, and issues touch me personally.

I am going to write more about where I stand on this current administration. And Me Too (because, yeah, #metoo). Adding my voice may not stir things up on the national level, but I might find some like-minded folks in the process. And I will feel I am doing something other than ranting on Twitter or upsetting the cat with my outraged outbursts.

The need to defend journalists and the attacks they are under from our president is constantly on my mind, as I was raised by an old school newspaper reporter, and his memory is not to be messed with on my watch.

So many of our rights are threatened, the backbone of our nation, also known as democracy, is getting strained, and people I know stand in danger of being deported through no fault of their own.

Another big deal for me is the state of California and how we are not doing a good job with housing our homeless. This really bothers me. We are one of the wealthiest states, and we could do a lot more. A lot. So could cities like Oakland, San Francisco, and LA is, I hear, worse than to the Bay Area where I am. But we let people camp on traffic islands, under freeways, and we just walk by like they are part of the (not so nice to look at) scenery of modern daily life.

As I get older, I am naturally going to become more concerned about how I will live out my golden years, which makes me wonder more about how my mom is handling her golden years. There are people in Washington who are enjoying screwing around with all of that. My social security is mine, it is not an entitlement fund. I earned every penny. So stop threatening that.

I have more on my list, more personal issues, and not all are such serious business as the above-mentioned issues. I will discuss them here as well.

I realize I needed a kick in the pants to get me thinking more and writing more about things that come from outside of myself, but affect me on a personal level.

So, there you go. Did I make any sense? Are more than seven people ever going to see this declaration? You’ve got to start somewhere.

And so I will start right here.


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